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The Competence Network IP is an association dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the field of intellectual property (IP) and intellectual property rights as well as related areas of law. The active members of the Competence Network IP contribute years of experience in various fields of IP management. Our membership structure ensures wide coverage of the entire IP value chain - from the creation up to the economic exploitation of industrial property rights (IPRs). This unique structure allows the competence network IP to act as a competent partner regarding all possible questions in relation to the entire life cycle of your intellectual property.


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IP strategy - protecting your intellectual property

The one who owns the IP of an innovation will also own the profits. For this and other reasons, Mark Blaxill and Ralph Eckard provide important arguments in their book "The Invisible Edge" why an IP strategy should be at the heart of corporate strategy. Innovative companies being careless in dealing with protection for their innovations will probably make the experience that competitors will catch up quickly and benefit from the investment of the innovator.

The “Competence Network IP” takes a holistic approach to IP strategy from a business perspective, in which all aspects of value creation are covered by the strategic use of IP. In this approach, the IP strategy is to be understood as a central component of an IP value net. The IP value net includes all components of the IP asset life cycle (innovation, protection, use / exploitation) and the respective IP strategy support tools (valuation, portfolio management, reporting / controlling).

The IP strategy defines and controls the IP asset life cycle by

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